Saturday, February 13, 2010

TxP News: Poison Planet & Sorry Excuse

SORRY x EXCUSE - photo Nick Befort

I've been laying low with Third Party for pretty much the last year. Pretty much after the Punx Don't Drink record release show in March 2009 I quietly vanished. I returned to work like I would every April - October like I have ever since I moved to Chicago and promptly lost all my free time for the duration of the summer. In January of this year I began slowly but surely I've been digging out the back orders and sending them out. Most of the old business has been cleared out or is in the process of being resolved as we speak. I'm very excited about this. I've also started work on some new projects that are yet to be announced. Here is what I can tell you immediately:

- POISON PLANET 'Oblivious' 7"
For those that don't know, this 7" was released along side Punx Don't Drink in 2009. But the 1st and only press was only 100 copies due to an error at the pressing plant. These were mailed out to anyone who pre-ordered before March 1st, 2009, and sold at the Punx Don't Drink record release. The remaining people who had ordered have all been waiting for this record to get a proper pressing. That awaited 2nd press is done and sitting at the plant now and will be in my hands shortly. It is a press of 300 copies on mixed vinyl. So if you you've been waiting for your copy or you've been waiting for it to appear at RevHQ because you know I do a shitty job - these will be mailed out soon.

PxP has finally stabilized and we're actively playing shows and writing new music. We just did a weekend to Indianapolis, IN and Kansas City, MO and both shows were awesome. In March we will be playing MY FRIENDS, THE PIT FEST in Indianapolis, IN, as well as shows in Toledo, OH and Washington,DC. We're actually looking for a show between DC and Chicago on March 21st, so if you'd like to see us play your town, hook us up. This is looking like it will be a very active year for the band so expect a few singles, a lot of shows, as well as for your Youth Crew design t-shirts to come in the mail if you're waiting on one!

Ryan Abbott from BLANK STARE/SOCIAL CIRCKLE and SIDE TWO STUDIOS just finished mastering the new EP from SORRY EXCUSE of Kansas City, MO. SxE sprint through 8 songs in 5 minutes with memorable fast parts and crucial sing alongs. I will give more updates as this project gets further along but in the meantime check out the new song I just put on the Third x Party myspace.

- Other Shit.

. has entered restocks of almost every TxP release into their system this weekend. Ordering from them is more efficient than ordering from me so get on it if you need any of my releases. I'd like to highly recommend the BLANK STARE 12" and the PUNX DON'T DRINK comp which is almost out of press.

. I discovered the other day that still has copies of the POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT s/t 12" in stock. This is, in my opinion, the single greatest record I have ever put out. If you do not have this, go there and buy it. These copies they must have gotten from RevHQ which is why I had no idea they had them.

.Check out RAZOR x FADE. A great new SXE band from Chicago. Great music and great lyrics. The full demo is available there.

.Check out BOILING OVER before it's too late. They are calling it quits this spring. I loved that band and they will be missed.

.Both POISON PLANET weekends are will RAZOR FADE and BOILING OVER so come out.

.Mark your calendars for 10/10/10 and expect to be in Chicago. That's all I'm saying for now.

Straight Edge.

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