Saturday, September 24, 2011

COKE BUST West Coast Tour and POISON PLANET South Coast Tour

We've got a couple of bands touring coming up. COKE BUST will be hitting the west coast of the US in early October and POISON PLANET will be running through the south eastern US focusing heavily on Florida and Texas.
Sat 10/8 Oakland, CA @The Swamp
Sun 10/9 San Jose, CA @House of the Dead Rat
Mon 10/10 Fresno, CA @The Bel-Tower
Tues 10/11 Pamona, CA @Aladdin Jr
Wed 10/12 Las Vegas, NV @The Thunderbird Lounge
Thur 10/13 Mesa, AZ @The Underground
Fri 10/14 Fullerton, CA @Riff Haus Studios
Sat 10/15 San Francisco, CA @130 Ramsell St

For more info:

*Indicates someone is working on the show right now.

Fri 1/6 Cleveland, OH or Pittsburgh (get in touch)
Sat 1/7 *Baltimore, MD and *Washington, DC
Sun 1/8 *Richmond, VA
Mon 1/9 *Raleigh, NC
Tues 1/10 *Jacksonville, FL
Wed 1/11 *Orlando, FL
Thur 1/12 Tampa, FL (get in touch)
Fri 1/13 *Tallahassee, FL
Sat 1/14 Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL (get in touch)
Sun 1/15 Houston, TX
Mon 1/16 Laredo, TX
Tues 1/17 *McAllen, TX
Wed 1/18 Austin, TX
Thur 1/19 *Denton, TX
Fri 1/20 *Kansas City, MO
Sat 1/21 *Springfield, IL and *Indianapolis, IN

Also, if you do a radio show, podcast, or anything else and you want PxP to stop by, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Contacts: 9Volt or Sex Talk

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