Sunday, November 7, 2010


Like all Third Party releases, the POISON PLANET 'Undermine' 7" is experiencing delays. It should have been out a month ago but delays on getting the lyric sheet printed as well as the pressing plant moving slow just pushed the whole project back. I think it will be worth the wait though. The lyric sheet is pro-printed. The covers are a pocket sleeve (a first for Third Party) and the recording is one of Niko Zaglaras' (Raw Nerve) best.

It should only be another week or two but in the meantime you can still download the entire recording and lyrics here:

Other POISON PLANET projects include a video for the song 'Mired' off of the new 7":

A POISON PLANET Big Cartel site:

And a bunch of other projects on the horizon like releases on Offside Records in France and Carry the Weight Records in the UK.

Finally, I discovered the other day that if you click on POISON PLANET radio at LAST FM you end up listening to a lot of awesome bands. You're guaranteed to here POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and VITAL ERROR among others. It's definitely worth a listen even if you have to skip over the ska URBAN BLIGHT:

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