Monday, November 29, 2010

'Tis the Season

Since it's that time of year where people are in shopping mode I figured I'd take advantage of the widespread rabid consumption. Third x Party now has a Big Cartel, as does Poison Planet. For those who have had complaints about slow service in the past, with the addition of Lisa helping me out with frequent post office visits things are way more on point.

One of the things I intend to do with the Third x Party Big Cartel is to change the contents every week or two and also include items that are very limited or out of print. Whenever a release gets down to the last 5-10 copies I pull them and stockpile them. Those sort of items will start to get posted regularly. In the meantime, the first batch of items includes the band new POISON PLANET EP, the still new SORRY EXCUSE EP, the limited mailorder edition of the BLANK STARE LP, the completely underrated FPO LP, and the now classic BLACK SS EP. Go check them out:

In POISON PLANET news, we just finished the layout for a pressing of the Demo from 2008 on vinyl. OFFSIDE RECORDS out of France are doing this release and we're very excited. We've begun work on the layout of the recently announced POISON PLANET 'Ugly Truths vol 1' LP on CARRY THE WEIGHT RECORDS out of the UK. This release will contain the 'Oblivious' EP, the 'Undermine' EP, and a few unreleased and unheard bonus tracks. Both of these releases will be out in early 2011.

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