Wednesday, April 13, 2011

POISON PLANET European Tour and Releases

POISON PLANET has a lot going on right now so it seems like a good idea to consolidate all of the info for people.

POISON PLANET have 4 releases coming out this spring/summer:

POISON PLANET 'Demo' 7" Offside Records (France)
This contains our 2007 demo recorded by Niko Zaglaras of Raw Nerve. This record is at the plant now but pre-orders are yet to be announced. 500 are being press
ed on gold vinyl, 50 of which will have COC 'Technocracy' rip off covers. I'm not sure how many of these will filter back to the US so if you want one I'd pre-order it when they come up.
Track Listing:
1. Intro/The Victim
2. Mind Racing
3. Boycott Everything
4. Menace
5. Nothing Gets Done
6. Bible Stories/Outro

POISON PLANET 'Ugly Truths vol 1' 12" Carry the Weight Records (United Kingdom)
This is comprised of both the Oblivious 7" and the Undermine 7", plus 4 exclusive bonus tracks. The LP comes with an 8 page booklet that has all of the lyrics and explanations along with a mix of old and new and old art and essays to coincide with the lyrics. There will be 200 clear vinyl and 300 black pressed. Pre-orders are being taken now. Like the 'Demo' 7", I don't know how many copies will make it over here.
Track Listing:
1. Eyes Wide Open
2. Faded Ideals
3. Bible Stories
4. Menace
5. Oblivious
6. Can't Cheat Death (Cold Shoulder)
7. Malt Liquor BS (Get It Away)
8. Who's to Blame?
9. Pleather Jacket Attitude/Leveraged Debts
10. Undermine
11. Mired
12. Nothing Gets Done
13. Soundtrack of Resistance
14. No Pain, No Gain (DYS)

POISON PLANET 'Boycott Everything' EP Refuse Records/Third Party Records (Poland/USA)
PxP just recorded this last week. It contains a re-recorded version of Boycott Everything from the demo, along with 4 brand new tracks that take the PxP sound and mix it with a heavy dose of Dead Kennedys worship. The tentative plan is to release this as a 7" in Europe but as a 12" EP here in the US. The final details have not been worked out yet, but expect the Euro version to be out by mid June.
Track Listing:
1. Liquor Flesh Trade
2. Boycott Everything
3. I Hope You Choke
4. Border Fences
5. Tidal Leveling

TPR041 POISON PLANET 'Bleed For Me' 7"
For Europe I'm pressing a limited edition Dead Kennedys tribute 7" that contains Bleed for Me and Nazi Punks Fuck Off. Limited to a press of 250 copies
Track Listing:
1. Bleed For Me (Dead Kennedys)
2. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys)

This barrage of releases is coming out in conjunction with our upcoming tour. Here are the current specs:
POISONxPLANET Summer Tour 2011

17.06 Canada, Toronto tba

22.06. Germany, Berlin, tba w/ Nothing
23.06. Leipzig, Plagwitz @ Atari w/ Psychofagist
24.06. Czech Republic, Praha,
25.06. Poland, Nowy Targ @ Ferment Fest, Dudek
26.06. Poland, Warszawa, @ Eufemia w/ Double Vision, Violent Action
27.06. Poland, Szczecin
28.06. Sweden, Malmo, tba
29.06. Sweden, Stockholm, tba
30.06. Sweden, Gothenburg
1.07. Germany, Bremen tba
2.07. Germany, Juha, @ New Direction Fest w/ Vitamin X, Citizens Patrol, Brat Pack, Nothing, Abfukk, The Toyotas, Empowerment, Ashkara, Trainwreck
3.07. Germany, Dresden, tba
4.07. Germany, AVAILABLE - GET IN TOUCH!
5.07. Germany/France, AVAILABLE - GET IN TOUCH!
6.07. France, Paris
7.07. Holland, Amsterdam, Occhi
8.07. Brusseles tba

9.07. London, UK
10.07 Birmingham, UK (matinee show)
10.07. UK
11.07. Sheffield, UK (tbc)
12.07. Glasgow, UK (tbc)
13.07. UK

15.07 USA, Chicago You're Weird Fest

Contact Robert Refuse for EU date info:

Contact Pat CTW for UK date info:

Contact Nick Third x Party for USA date info:

Please spread the word or share our music on your blog, zine, FB page, whatever. Thanks!

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