Friday, February 24, 2012


Its been a long while since the last update. The last POISON PLANET tour in January went really well and so did the COKE BUST tour. Coming up in June POISON PLANET and SECTARIAN VIOLENCE are touring together. For those that don't know, SECTARIAN VIOLENCE features Nicktape from COKE BUST on vocals and cast of characters from the UK and Sweden including the guys who run CARRY THE WEIGHT RECORDS and the guy who does LAW AND ORDER ZINE. They've got an EP coming out on GRAVE MISTAKE this month. The dates are already in the process of being booked and here's how its looking:

Mon June 4 - Richmond, VA (SXV only)
Tues June 5 - Raleigh, NC (SXV only)
Wed June 6 - Pittsburgh, PA (SXV only)
Thurs June 7 - Columbus, OH (SXV only)
Fri June 8 - Indianapolis, IN (BOTH BANDS START HERE)
Sat June 9 - Chicago, ILSun June 10 - Detroit, MI
Mon June 11 - Cleveland, OH
Tues June 12 - Syracuse, NY
Wed June 13 - Boston,MAThurs June 14 - New Brunswick, NJ
Fri June 15 - Baltimore, MD
Sat June 16 - Washington, DC


That being said, lets talk about releases coming up. Almost a year ago now, POISON PLANET recorded the 'Boycott Everything' EP. This was released on REFUSE RECORDS in Europe in June 2011. Starting in November NOT NORMAL and THIRDxPARTY began work on the US version of the record. The US version is a 12" one sided EP with expanded and revised art, a new essay, an 11"x22" lyric sheet, a B side screen print, and a large fold out poster. It will be out in April.
Also in the early stages of preparation is v/a PUNX DON'T DRINK Vol II. I'm not going to announce the bands just yet but they are all supposed to record in the next 2-3 weeks. Hopefully this will be out in June.

Finally, in January and February we repressed POISON PLANET 'Oblivious' 7", POISON PLANET 'Undermine' 7", and COKE BUST 'Fuck Bar Culture' 7". These can be ordered directly through THIRDxPARTY, GRAVE MISTAKE, or REVHQ among others. Currently SORRY EXCUSE 'Listen With Prejudice' 7" is being repressed and should be in our hands any time now. More represses are in the works so stay tuned!

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