Saturday, March 31, 2012

POISON PLANET 'Boycott Everything' 12" EP pre-orders.

We are currently taking pre-orders for the POISON PLANET 'Boycott Everything' 12" EP. This was originally released as a 7" in Europe by REFUSE RECORDS and in an effort to get it ready for tour the band rushed the layout (I'm the guilty party actually - I rushed the layout. -Nick) Knowing that they wanted to release it in the US at a later date, plans were made to go all out on the finished product. The internal and external layouts were redesigned over several months and additional essays were written. The new lyric sheet is 11"x22" and has brand new imagery and extensive text. A screen print was designed for the B-side and the vinyl was delivered straight to ARGYBARGY PRINTINGin Buffalo, NY and Biff from BROWN SUGAR/FERAL KID RECORDS did a fantastic job screen printing them. To finish off the package a 24"x36" poster was designed and added to add to the overall value and impact of the record. This was the most involved release ever done on THIRDxPARTY and we're all very proud of it. While in the process of putting together the layout an additional poster was designed and we decided to get those printed too and everyone who orders the record will get one of those as well.

Comparisons are consistently made to early 80's Boston hardcore, early CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, THE REPOS, and with this release an emerging element of DEAD KENNEDYS influence.

1st press of 500. Black vinyl with B side screen print. 490 are screen printed with white ink. 10 are screen printed with red ink and are exclusively for the NOT NORMAL TAPES fan club subscription members.

All mailorders will come with additional POISON PLANET stickers and promo poster.

Track listing:
Liquor Flesh Trade
Boycott Everything
I Hope You Choke
Border Fences
Tidal Leveling

Listen to the full record on the POISON PLANET bandcamp.

Here are some pics from the upcoming release:
That is the front cover, screen printed B side, and front page of the lyric insert.
That's the back cover, A side, and inside of the lyric insert.
That's the back of the lyric insert and the 11"x17 promo poster.
Finally that is the design of the 24"x36" poster that will be coming with the record. This is at the printer now.

You can pre-order this record at the THIRDxPARTY Big Cartel.

In one last bit of news for today, the SORRY EXCUSE 'Listen with Prejudice' 7" EP has been repressed and is available now and SORRY EXCUSE also just gave me their trax for PUNX DON'T DRINK II and they are menacing as fuck!

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