Monday, April 9, 2012

PUNX DON'T DRINK Vol II and POISON PLANET 'Boycott Everything' 12" EP Pre-Orders.


Coming in June 2012!


In 2009 THIRDxPARTY RECORDS released a compilation called PUNX DON'T DRINK to mostly great reviews. Some reviewers couldn't help but fixate on the name, but most of them seemed to recognize good hardcore punk for what it is, and didn't get bogged down in the tongue-in-cheek title of the comp.

This June will mark the return of PUNX DON'T DRINK in the form of Vol. II and I'm sure the name will rankle a few punks again but so be it. The whole point of the first PDD was to demonstrate that Straight Edge wasn't just a bunch of bro-ish elitist pricks, macho attitudes, and breakdowns to bring your dunks to eye-level to. We wanted to show that there were raging fast hardcore punk bands with something worthwhile to say remolding the image of SXE.

Three years later, the next installment is about to drop featuring a great caste of new and old SXE punk bands. PUNX DON'T DRINK Vol. II will have 2 songs each from SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, the international SXE band featuring members of COKE BUST (USA), STAY HUNGRY (SWE), and WAYFARER (UK) who just released an EP on GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS. It will have STAB from the UK, a band that my band POISON PLANET played with and I couldn't help but feel an ideological kinship with. They play great traditional UK hardcore. SORRY EXCUSE from the midwest USA will be featured. They dropped two EP's almost back to back in late 2010/early 2011 on THIRDxPARTY RECORDS and LIFELINE RECORDS and then quieted down for a while. Their new songs are absolutely ferocious. And finally the compilation will feature SICK FIX, with their first new recorded material in 3-4 years.

Pre-order info won't drop for another couple of weeks after we get everything from the bands and ship everything off to the printers and the plant, but all of the bands have recorded and have started submitting their stuff. The goal is to have this out in early June in time for the STAB European Tour and the SECTARIAN VIOLENCE/POISON PLANET US Tour.

If you want to check out two of the tracks, there are new songs from SECTARIAN VIOLENCE and SORRY EXCUSE up now. Go check them out.

TPR040 POISON PLANET 'Boycott Everything' 12" EP

You can read about this release in full in the previous post. I just want to inform people that the 24"x36" posters are slated to arrive this week which also means that the pre-orders will be able to ship this week as well. Please pre-order so that you can get it ahead of the distros but also so we can pay some bills. Even with doing this release as a split with NOT NORMAL it has still been the single most expensive and involving release to ever come out on THIRDxPARTY and the invoices are rolling in. So please give us a hand, pre-order 'Boycott Everything' and maybe fill out your collection with any TxP releases missing from your collection. We'd really appreciate it.

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